It lives! The dead live! Ancient, dust-laden writeups flooding from their tombs!






Faint at first, growing steadily louder.

Klaproth's handiwork undone. Our sweet Angel of Mercy has left this world. His sword no longer burns; the spell has come undone.

Over 600,000. The tales of our ancestors echo again.

It is written. The living and the dead shall do battle for the soul of the world.

"Send them to the island" is done.

The living shall live another day

All of your nuked writeups are now in your Drafts, on a separate page. You may do with them what you wish. Fix them or remove them for good, or hold on to them for posterity. If you have a ton of nuked drafts that you want gone en masse, message me and I'll wipe them all out for you on the backend to save you the click work.

We did this for a few reasons. First, they're more accessible to people. Second, we shouldn't be holding on to content that people asked us to remove. Third, it's a pretty large legacy feature cleanup and makes things more consistent with the modern order of things. DonJaime's great work on the draft system continues to pay dividends.

We did not restore anything that was on a maintenance node, or a posting to one of the original Everything Quests. Several other nodes are not going to make it due to massive database collisions due to a one-time corruption in the database that was papered over in like, 2000. Anything that was entirely blank was also not resurrected. If you for some reason are looking for one of those nodes, I have a backup and I can grab it out of that. The sooner you notice, the better it would be for me. Backups go into long-term storage after a month.

If you have any problems, please let me know

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