And, the number one thing to do with AOL CDs is...

Send them to the pros! These semi-sane people plan to collect 1,000,000 (that's 106) AOL CDs and deliver them via <unknown methods> to AOL's headquarters. They're almost 10% of the way there...they may never make it. But it's a noble cause, and we must all support them. If you have a box of 400 AOL CDs you jacked from a bookstore, I highly recommend sending them to:

No More AOL CDs!
1601 Navellier St.
El Cerrito CA, 94530

Note that 204 CDs would put you on the list of top 20 contributors.

The extremely amusing if poorly designed website:

This site has features including creative uses for AOL CDs, anti-AOL haiku, and hilarious pictures of immense, snake-like strings of CDs in storage. They used to have some sound clips of AOL CDs being broken, microwaved, skeet-shot, etc. They were supposed to satisfy your urge to do these things to the CDs so you would send them in instead. I don't know what happened to that page, but I still have all the clips on my hard drive if anybody wants/needs them!

Fantastic quotes from the website:

From the main page:

"Please don't send us jokes about coasters; we've heard them all."
From the rants page (/pisses_me_off.htm):
"All of the parents at my child's daycare bring the CD's into school and they use them for arts & crafts, which includes breaking, scratching, coloring & poking holes in them. When she is out of daycare, I am sending them to you.

A haiku:
"I love AOL
They mail me their great CDs
For me to poop on!


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