The trucker's name for duct tape, which as we all know is one of the fundamental forces in the Universe. Evidently the truckers consider it stable and effective even for repairs which must withstand ninety mile an hour speeds, which is high praise indeed.

A friend of mine (who was once a trucker) claims that some trucking magazine used to have a contest for the most imaginative/outrageous use of the stuff. The hands-down winner one month (after which they probably had to retire the contest) was the 18-wheeler driver who discovered that (a) his transmission was falling off, and (b) his load happened to consist of a couple palletsful of the stuff. So he appropriated many rolls, and wrapped the tape around and around and around and around and around the transmission and the tractor chassis, and despite the fact that an 18-wheeler tractor has a big old 18-speed transmission that probably weighs a ton and a half, this ever-so-jury-rigged repair lasted him a couple hundred miles, to the next truck stop with a proper shop where he could get his broken transmission mount properly rewelded...

There are actually two versions of 90MPH tape. In the aviation community, there's also rolls of aluminum tape. It's much thicker than aluminum foil, and it has some decent glue to hold the tape to whatever it is stuck to. It can be used for temporary repairs to aircraft surfaces, or it can be used to create a ground plane for any of the antennas.

Also called speed tape.

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