These are, quite simply, the greatest cracker in the world. These are produced by Nicole's Bake Shop located in Chicago, run by Nicole herself who found a passion for baking after a career as a fashion model. She is rather old now, but still producing some wonderful things such as these amazing crackers. The appeal is hard to describe, the texture, the flavor, they are all just right. The crackers are small and crisp, but not the kind of crisp that you expect from a cracker. More dense, but with some chewiness behind the crispness. You just have to try them...

All of the crackers are made with certified organic stone ground grains and contain no preservatives. The base cracker contains:

Unbleached wheat flour, water, whole ground corn, whole ground wheat, canola oil, olive oil, dried onion, dried garlic, yeast, and sea salt.

Simple, natural, and delicious. When you try your first cracker, you will probably think, "yeah, it's a cracker, so?" But then you will reach for another and say, "hmmm, pretty good actually." By your fourth or fifth cracker, you will be hooked. It must be the layer of crack baked right into the middle.

From the back of the box:

Hello Dearie,
As you read this little love note
Put one of my wonderful crackers in your mouth
And let me hear you purr.
I told you it was good.
Now try the next one with
A little Cheese, a little Salsa, a little something.
The next one goes with a little Caviar, mmm, mmm.
Oh! Oh! All gone.

Time to try another one of my wonderful flavors:

Yum Yum

My personal favorites are the Perfectly Peppery People Cracker and Oh! For the Love of Herb, but they are all fantastic. You can find them at some natural foods stores such as Wild Oats, or order direct from

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