Though mentioned ficticiously in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Flamel did actually exist in sixteenth century France. He claimed to have created the Philosopher's Stone. The Bibilotech National still houses his writings on alchemy. There was a legend that he didn't die, but went off to the east, living in the Ottoman Empire.

French alchemist (1330-1418?). He claimed to have dreamed of an occult book, The Sacred Book of Abraham the Jew, Prince, Priest, Levite, Astrologer, and Philosopher to that Tribe of Jews who by Wrath of God were Dispersed amongst the Gauls (what a long title!), and succeeded in deciphering it with the help of a Jewish scholar and from there learned the Kabbala. He also claimed to have succeeded in the alchemist's Great Work, producing the Philosopher's Stone, which was supposed to make its possessor able to create gold and live forever. Well, he actually did become very rich at the time, and made many donations to churches and gave aid to the poor, but as to whether he never died...

Nicolas Flamel is also said to have been at one time Grand Master of the mysterious secret society known as the Prieure de Sion, and the first of those Grand Masters who were not allied by blood to the families making up the Prieure, who are luminaries of the occult, such as Robert Fludd and (oddly enough) Isaac Newton.

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