I came home from work at 1:30 am, I was tired, dirty and just wanted to cry because of how hard my day will be tomorrow. I went to visit my friend Rob for a little while, he gave me a backrub, I still felt like shit. As I am walking back to my room at 2:45 am, I look at my cell-phone and see a missed call from my friend Derc's house. Wondering if it's anything important, I call back. Apperantly one of my best friends who I haven't hung out with in a while called me to tell me he misses me and how much everyone else there misses me.

I have been INSANLY busy this semester, but I didn't realize everyone noticed I wasn't around as much.

For some reason it really touched me to hear him and everyone else there tell me that. Probably cause this is my friend Danny who doesn't EVER say stuff like that.

It just made me happy, I don't think I can quite explain how or why... But I think it's like defining love, you can't.

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