Global media giant that is to this planet what the Empire is to a galaxy far, far away. Owned by Rupert Murdoch. Is probably the corporation that owns the world. And soon not only this world, but others...

A US$30 billion (as of today's market capitalisation) behemoth of a media company encompassing (using subsidiary companies) just about every form of communications including television, satellite, internet, newspapers, magazines, books, advertising and so on.

Listed on the stock market both in Australia (stock code NCP) and in the U.S. (NWS), this company was founded in Australia by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian who later turned American. Nowadays, more money is made in the U.S. than in Australia but the A.G.M. or Annual General Meeting of this company is still held in Australia.

Significant holdings of News Corp. include Fox Entertainment Group (encompassing Fox Filmed Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Television and Fox Television Studios), British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) and TV Guide Inc.

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