There is a concerted effort to start a mentoring program here on Everything2. I think it's a noble effort, but a lot of folks don't have the time to donate for mentoring. You can still contribute occasionally just by reading Newbie Nodes.

Almost everyone here has favorite authors that they go out of their way to read. I shamelessly plug Gahachino, Ril, Demeter, ToasterLeavings, Yurei and many others. What you can do besides your daily routine of reading your favorites and leaving is to randomly pick a newbie and read one or two items. Some of them are great, and you can encourage them by /msg'ing them or even voting them up. If someone is noding extraneous stuff or not linking, spend the 15 seconds to /msg them and tell them. Personally, if I think they deserve a vote I give it, but if the node needs help I /msg and go back later. If it is up to snuff I give it an upvote. If they still need help, send them to Everything University or, even better, to the E2 Mentoring Program. Downvoting is always at your discretion.

It only costs a little time, and you may just find a new addition to your favorite authors list.

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