The New York reload is a manner of "reloading" your firearm after you have fired all of the ammunition that it holds. It is quite different from all other reloading methods as it does not really include any reloading. Quite simply, to perform a New York reload all one has to do is to draw your other gun (You do have a backup gun now don't you?) and continue firing.

How this term came about I do not know, or I probably am too young, since nowadays the carrying of handguns, even for self defense purposes is not legal in New York, unless of course you are very rich or very important (in the eyes of the current government) or have very powerful friends in high places.

Some people prefer to carry an identical gun as their main sidearm and practice to be proficient with using it with either hand while others prefer to use a back up gun which is most likely smaller and may or may not fire the same cartridge as their main sidearm.

Gorgonzola says New York reload sounds like something gangsters would have made up. They wouldn't care particularly if carrying firearms were illegal or not.

I tend to agree with that on so many levels.

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