Morale of your employees is key to getting good work out of them and this reflects out to the customers. If everyone is happy in their work, and know their tasks, you will find they are much more productive, and you are less likely to have problems.

This does not mean that you need to tell everyone a joke at the beginning of the day (although that is one of the tricks I try from time to time), but means that you take the time to take employees aside individually and discuss any issues they may have, ensure everyone is happy with their pay rate (this does not mean you have to put it up if they are not), and that nobody is struggling with their workload, or has issues with other employees.

Group meetings should be held from time to time so that you can get any issues out to all of them at once, and they have the opportunity to discuss with you, as a group, any issues they may have in return.

Put in writing, in the form of a newsletter, any discussions held, and the resolution. This can be referred to if it comes up in future, and shows the employees that they have a say in how the business is run (albeit, very little).

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