New Brunswick the city is in central New Jersey. It is where most of Rutgers university is located, specifically the College Avenue Campus. It has a long history- George Washington slept here.
The city today is kind of divided into two parts - the college side, and the poor/dangerous/crackhead side. The city government supports itself by giving huge fines to Rutgers students for noise and parking tickets. Although students are allowed to vote, almost none of them do. So, the city keeps exploiting the students.
On the side of one of the bridges leading from the college area into the crackhead area this is written: "The Health Care City". I don't know why.
New Brunswick, New Jersey is also where Johnson & Johnson is headquartered.

It's undergone a bit of a renaissance in recent years, but still has some of the issues affecting urban areas in the United States

George Street has many restaurants, shops, bars, etc.

A regional goddamn yuppie chain bar in our area frequently has a special called New Brunswick Scrod. Logic dictates they're talking about the Canada one, but the instinctive reaction is the thought of fish coming from New Brunswick, NJ, and the dish is somewhat less appealing.

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