"Heaven is a girl I know so well
She makes me feel good when I feel like hell
Heaven is a girl that I've got to have
She makes me feel better when I'm feelin' bad"

-"Heaven Is" by Def Leppard

She has had a great impact on me and many others. She still does. She always will. I doubt she will ever know just how much.

She is gorgeous, kind, and has keen observational skills that she puts to good use. She is probably the sweetest person I have ever met. Her smile is unusual for a person. Whereas most people smile mostly with their face and very little with their eyes, she smiles mostly with her eyes. They glow. It's a very beautiful thing. She is a mother to a daughter. If she is as patient, kind, sweet, and gentle with her daughter as she is with her patients, she's going to be a great mother. She will have a great daughter, too.

She suffers from a medical condition but you wouldn't know it because she doesn't let it interfere with her work. It puts her in a lot of pain at times but she braves through it. I admire her greatly for this strength and courage. I'm not surprised at how well she handles it. She handles everything else well, too.

I have written about her before. She has done amazing things for me. She has saved me from some bad things. She noticed a symptom of a drug allergy even before I did and it's my body. She also noticed once that I had stopped breathing and had advised me to start doing it again.

She is very gentle at her job. When she would take the needle out she would do it very carefully. And when she ripped off the tape she would do it very carefully and as gently as she could. She would always tell me "I'm sorry," even though she had nothing to be sorry about. I wanted her to know that it didn't really hurt, so I'd always tell her "It's okay." And it was. I didn't mind.

I know she's had a great impact on many people. I love her, her co-workers adore her, her patients admire her, and her family treasures her. She cares and she's cared about and that's all that really matters.


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