A tool for documenting networks. It lets you create multi layered diagrams with interconnecting links so that you can click on a link in, say, a server room and the program will take you to the point that link is connected to (otherwise it wouldn't be a link... ;-)

NetViz can connect to an SQL database, which makes it easier to maintain an up to date version of the documentation.

The projects can be exported to HTML (lots and lots of gifs with hotspots) and a rather nifty database-version. The latter demands that you buy NetViz Corporation's own webserver, which I think should have got for free with NetViz when you pay over 1000 dollars for it.

NetViz 5 Professional comes with a CD full of vendor specific graphics to use in you diagrams, but why the hell didn't they include the Cisco Catalyst 3500 series switches?

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