If I remember correctly, Naughty Neighbors started its run as a true amateur porno mag (or at least a good imitation thereof). They didn't show the impossibly magnificent women you might see in Cheri; these were real women, everyday women, with all the natural variations you'd expect. The photos were the sorts of pictures you might take yourself, with the occasional washed-out colors or harsh lighting or redeye, and they seemed like they really could be a reader's proud snapshot of his wife or girlfriend or lover. It wasn't really my style, but it did have a certain appeal; still, from a business standpoint, it catered to a niche market (no pun intended) and didn't do terribly well.

Naughty Neighbors still tries to portray itself as an amateur mag, but now it's much more polished. The models' listed ages run from the early 20s to the mid-30s, and, with the inevitable few exceptions, they're great. Are they really amateurs? I doubt it--I've seen at least two models in another mag--but who cares? (What, did you expect honesty from a porno mag?) Take a look: a sweet little girl is giving you a delightfully cute smile as she tucks her fingers deep into her folds, a raunchy young thing is showing you how she can keep a dildo inside of her without touching it, and a cuddly thirty-year-old is slipping down her panties to show you what it looks like between her legs.

Better still, there's often an XXXtra Naughty Section in which the models really get it on. You'll see two perky girls with giggly grins licking a straight pink cock, or--best of all--a big, hot stud slipping deep inside a sultry brunette as a gorgeous blonde cups his balls and slurps on them both. Unlike the models in so many other magazines, these models know how to make it look good. On the whole, it's a pleasant surprise. While it's not the absolute best buy out there, it's easily in the top 5.

  • Pictorials: 20 (I shit you not; they're shorter than most mags, but it's still a good deal)
  • Girls: cute and sweet and generally natural
  • Penetration: finger, dildo, frequent guy-girl
  • Lesbian: 0-1 pictorials/issue
  • Guy/Girl: 2-3 pictorials per issue
  • Group: 1-2 per issue
  • Fetish: none
  • Stories/Articles: letters; not much else
  • know_no_bounds's rating: * * * *

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