I thought this was one of the funniest books I ever read.

Natural Elementary Geography, 1897

"Italians are wonderful farmers, some of them even have
some skill in painting and sculpture. All of them are fond
of music... The Italian immigrants in the United States are
among our most thrifty and industrious laborers. Nearly
all of our street "organ-grinders" are the music-loving

"The Chinese are very polite to one another. Even after
he has grown up, a Chinaman obeys his parents when they
are alive, and worships them when they are dead. Although the
Chinese seem stupid in not adopting new ways, they are very
clever in doing things in their old-fashioned ways..."

"Black men in America have become civilized by living
with the white people, but in Africa most of the negroes are
not civilized and are frequently at war. All of the negroes that
live in North America come from Africa."

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