Natalie Babbit was born on July 28, 1932, in Ohio. This was the middle of the Depression, and her childhood was punctuated by frequent moves within the state, as her family struggled to stay financially afloat. Natalie's mother had wanted to become a painter and writer, but gave up those plans in order to better serve her family. She made sure Natalie's interest in drawing was encouraged in every way.

Natalie studied art at Cleveland's Laurel School and at Smith College. She married Samuel Fisher Babbitt, an academic administrator at Smith, right after graduation, and spent the next ten years raising their three children.

When the kids were all in school, Natalie turned back to her art. The first book she illustrated (The Forty-Ninth Magician, 1966) was written by her husband, which was a good collaboration, but her husband then became president of Kirkland College, leaving him with no time to write. This was the only reason Natalie began writing - but she soon found out she loved it even more than illustrating.   "Iit seems clear that the things I have to say I can say much more effectively with words than I ever could with pictures, in spite of old maxims to the contrary."

Natalie is a mother of three, grandmother of 3, and lives in Providence, Rhode Island. She does not plan to stop writing.

(some illustrated by Natalie, some written by her, some both)

All the Small Poems and Fourteen More

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Goody Hall

Kneeknock Rise

Nellie: A Cat on Her Own


Phoebe's Revolt

The Search for Delicious

Small Poems

The Something

Tuck Everlasting

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