A cell phone antenna I saw recently at the outlet mall. It's a standard curlicue booster antenna to give your car phone better reception. There are two smaller antennae on either side, like rabbit ears, presumably added on the principle that if the phone works well with one antenna, then adding another on the car will help, and adding three will let you pick up transmissions from Voyager.

It also features a cutout of the chrome naked chick, as seen on rednecks' mudflaps. When viewed from behind the car, it looks like she has three antennae sticking out of her head.

I'm not sure what it means, but I suspect it could mean any of the following:

I haven't actually seen this antenna in stores, so either the driver and I travel in different circles (his is probably a little more ellipsoid...) or this guy actually constructed that miniature monument to questionable taste with some Superglue, some spare time and probably a few sixpacks.

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