Naked Raygun were a band from Chicago, Illinois, who lasted from 1981 to 1990. They did not perform naked; neither did they possess a raygun. However, they did possess guitars and drums, and with these simple devices they created hardcore post-punk, gigging constantly in New York.

Their most popular line-up consisted of Jeff Pezzati on vocals, Camilio Gonzalez on bass, Eric Spicer on drums and John Haggerty on guitars and saxophone. Their first release was an EP entitled 'Basement Screams', in 1983, followed by the albums 'Throb Throb' in 1985, 'All Rise' in 1986, 'Jettison' in 1988, 'Understand?' in 1989, and 'Raygun... Naked Raygun' in 1990, after which John Haggerty left, following which the group disbanded. Currently most of their albums are still in print, and judging by the user reviews on they appear to have had more impact long after disbanding than they ever did whilst still around (during which time they bounced from record label to record label, never achieving much in the way of commercial success).

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