Nagajuban is an undergarment worn under the kimono. Its shape is similar to the kimono, but it is lighter than normal fabric and the length is shorter. Usually it is white, though various pale colors are sometimes used.

How to put on nagajuban
1. Slide the nagajuban on, and hold both ends of eri (a long collar on kimono).
2. Hold both eri with one hand and straighten the seam on the back of the nagajuban so that it is shaped to your back. Make sure that there is about enough room to stick your fist through the opening between the eri and your neck or you risk asphyxiation!
3. Without pulling on the eri, cross the right-hand side of the kimono (shitamae) over your chest.
4. Cross the left-hand side of the kimono (uwamae) over your chest so that the two eri are crossed over each other in the center. It's important to remember to cross the left over the right, because only corpses wear kimono with the right side on top!!
5. Time to put on the datejime! This is a small, thin obi (usually cotton) that is worn to protect the obi on the kimono from getting wrinkled. Put the datejime across the center of your stomach.
6. Wrap the datejime around your back, and bring the ends back to the front.
7. Tie the ends once and cross them diagonally so you can tuck them inside the datejime.

All done!

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