last month with the same time same place and same table
i sitting here with someone who seem to know me at all and i do too.
Hoping that evening will be good but now i sitting here alone
try To remember all the good memories
he left behind ;(
and feel happy with it

Na Phra Lan is a restaurant located on Na Phra Lan Road, west Bangkok, Thailand. You can find it just across the road from the Grand Palace, a sprawling palace complex which, amongst other holy and historical attractions, houses the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

The restaurant itself serves a pretty good selection of Thai food, with just a couple of Western dishes to placate the tourists who seek momentary refuge from the clouds of touts and predatory tuk tuk drivers outside. A couple of tables downstairs are usually full, but if you squeeze through the narrow passage at the rear - actually passing through the kitchen - you can go up a back set of stairs to a much less cramped first floor.

Because of the location, you can expect to pay a little more than other places around Bangkok (the equivalent would be a restaurant over the road from Buckingham Palace or Notre Dame). A tasty plate of chicken curry with noodles set this noder back 120 baht, with a Sprite another 15.

You may find Nan Phra Lan a particularly pleasant place to escape the honeypot across the way, as it serves a second purpose as an art gallery, displaying works by local students and artists.

The tables in the restaurant were once painted white. They are now covered in paint, pencil, biro, marker, crayon and carving, an ever-changing record of the thoughts and feelings of the local art crowd who seem to hang out here. The transcription above is what I read for four minutes before it was obscured by the arrival of a plate of spicy Thai fare.

Thanks to anthropod

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