NYLC stands for the National Young Leaders Conference. This is a program for outstanding High School students that is sponsored by the CYCL, the Congressional Youth Leadership Council.

It is a conference at which students from all around the country (about 350 in a given week) come together in Washington D.C. They stay at the National 4H Center, in Chevy Chase, Maryland. They participate in a variety of simulations to help them learn more about how the American government works. These include a simulation of the executive branch (If I Were President), the Judicial Branch, and a Model Congress.

In addition, students visit the floor of the House of Representatives and meet with their Senators and/or Representatives. They get an opportunity to visit the Smithsonian, and many other famous sites in the city.

It is an excellent experience. As a student, you will meet many interesting people, as well as make many friends. Should you be nominated to attend, jump at the chance.

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