The NYC MetroCard Refill Machine (MRM) is designed to add fare value to magnetic-stripe, stored-value MetroCards. If the NYC Transit Authority decides to add contactless smart cards in the future, the MRM can be retrofitted to service them.

The MRM is used by passengers to transfer a monetary value from a credit or debit card to their MetroCard. The MRM can also transfer remaining values to MetroCards. Additional functions include checking a MetroCard for current value and status.

Since the MRM does not accept cash, there are less worries about security. The MRM provides a low-cost method to service passengers in crowded stations. The maintenance cost is very low because there are very few moving parts in the system. The components are modular for fast maintenance turn-around. The MRM is built for harsh environments, and they can be placed so they meet the Americans with Disabilities Act specifications.

The passengers interface with the MRM using an intuitive display. The cabinet, buttons and bezels are designed to withstand an assault.

MVM Specifications

Cabinet           14-gauge stainless steel
                  100 pounds
                  Pedestal, pillar or wall mount
Payment Methods   MetroCard with remaining value
                  Credit and debit cards
Displays          Graphic LCD with LED backlighting
Vaults            None
Security          Intrusion alarm
                  Magnetic and optical switches
                  Monitored encrypted communication link
                  Impact alarm
Reliability       30,000 mean cycles before failure
                  0.5 hour mean time to repair
Internal UPS      Supports conclusion of current 
                  transaction only
Environmental     -10°F to +120°F, operating
                  20 to 97% humidity, non-condensing

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