Node Title Psych Study

A submission for Prof. wharfinger's Understanding the wily noder course (PSY 607).

In an effort to understand the voting habits of average Everythingians, we carefully selected a group of noders of varying experience. In the course of the experiment, we exposed the noders to a variety of nodes, and watched their reaction.
Study Group
23 participants were selected, 2 each from levels 2 through 12, and one from level 13. All participants' identities were kept anonymous via double-blind. All participants were paid a nominal fuzzle.
Node Title Selection
A set of node titles were selected, to get maximum distribution across the following variables:
  • Node title length
  • Proper capitalization
  • Acronyms
  • Use of keywords and phrases
The results are easily summarized: Noders are fickle. That aside, several trends arose:
  • Short node titles (especially 4 word node titles) very rarely generated enough interest to get any votes.
  • Nodes that begin with two ALLCAPS words, followed by normally capitalized words, garnered a lot of upvotes.
  • StudlyCaps node titles drew a lot of votes, split 60/40 betwwen up and down.
  • Acronyms, as with short node titles, gathered few votes.
  • Use of any of the following keywords: Soy, lesbians, monkeys, nuke, or religious guaranteed every noder voted on them. 80% of the noders wanted to write up something in these nodes.

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