So, in Darren Aronofsky 's incredible film Requiem for a Dream (Watch it. Now.), television self-help guru Tappy Tibbons instructs people to change their lives by undertaking three, committed steps:
  3. And...

The entire film dances around this final step. In fact, a number of shots have Tappy building up to it:

This last one is a killer. The last two were easy...

Now, watch the film (again) and stop it at 35 minutes and 59 seconds. A blurred shot has Tappy at a whiteboard, where he's written out all three steps. The first two are legible, and the third one isn't, except as "NO ORGASL."

Does he mean "No drugs?" Well, if you think O's and D's are sort of interchangable, and agree that the faint smudge between the R and the G is a U, and discount the A and the L, then perhaps. In terms of the rest of the film (drugs bring every last character down), it makes sense. But Tappy has terrible handwriting.

Of course, according to Chihuahua Grub, it's totally "NO ORGASMS"

The third step in Tappy Tibbons' plan is definitely "no orgasm." It's simple to view by pausing the DVD version directly following the scene with Sara Goldfarb in fast-motion cleaning the house. Quite simply it says "NO ORGASM."

This theory can be legitimized by an easter egg present in the director's cut version of the DVD. Go to the chapter selection screen and choose chapters 21-24. Once there, press up twice and then enter. Here's your proof that the third step is NOT "NO ORGASL."

The only mysteries now are:

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