"National Agency Check with Local agency check and Credit check"
This is the minimum security investigation required to be granted a "Secret" clearance from the Department of Defense.

The investigation usually amounts to little more than a collection of your employment and residence history and running this information through the relevant law enforcement and financial institutions.

If this doesn't turn up anything suspicious the investigation is declared satisfactory and you'll get your security clearance. If anything does turn up, your records will be consulted to see if the incident is already disclosed and proper waivers included. If a previously undisclosed incident (or a significant discrepancy between the disclosed and investigated versions) is discovered you will be called upon to clarify the situation.

Outstanding past due debts must be brought current and kept there to acquire and maintain the clearance. A credit history showing a pattern of finaincial unreliability can be grounds for denial.


  • Check your credit report before filing for the clearance. It's easier to correct the errors beforehand than try to convince someone paid not to trust you that the entries are mistakes.
  • Fill out the paperwork correctly and completely. Then have it checked for correctness and completeness. Then send it in. The investigation doesn't start until the folks in pre-processing are satisfied with your paperwork. Passing it back and forth for a few months to correct minor errors will only put you that much further behind.
  • Part of the processes is authorizing the investigative agencies to look at any and all of your records that might be of interest. That speeding ticket you got when you were 16 and were told wouldn't be on your record due to that Drivers Education course and you being a minor? Yeah, they'll find out about it. It's better they find out about it from you first.
  • Don't do anything stupid while waiting for your clearance.

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