Mystikal (born Michael Ernest Tyler), was born in the 12 ward of New Orleans on September 22. During his high school years, he would constantly stay in detention due to his loud mouth. People suggested many things for him to do and finally someone gave him the idea to get in the school talent show. That's where he discovered his calling. Before this, he would freestyle in the halls. Earlier, people would say, "Mike, you sound just like LL cool J!" He finally got sick of people saying that and decided to come up with a style. He worked with a recording group by the name of Parkway Pumpin, and Charles "Big Boy" Temple came by Parkway to to check out Mystikal (then was Mystikal Mike). He liked what he saw and Mystikal signed with Big Boy records. Mystikal worked two jobs while signed with Big Boy.

Mystikal released a single in '94 off Big Boy records called "I'm Not That Nigga" before he put out his very first album titled "Mystikal". After this, his sister, Michelle Elizabeth Tyler, died at the hands of her boyfriend Damion Nevile (grandson of one of the Nevile Brothers). Mystikal comments on this incident as follows: "She was in a relationship with a stupid-ass muthafucka that got on drugs or whatever. He took her life. She was about to break up with him, and he killed her. He stabbed her in our house, in the house where I lived. I found her. On my birthday. It was September 22 in the early wee hours of the morning. I was at home the whole time upstairs asleep when it happened to her. My mama was upstairs, her son was upstairs and my little brother. Our whole family was home when she lost her life. But our house was so big and we had an addition downstairs. After that happened it was like that was God's way of preparing me for anything." She was 29 and he was 24 at the time.

Meanwhile, Mystikal worked with such rappers as Fiend, G-slimm (R.I.P.), Black Menace, Ghetto Twinz and Insane. Mystikal then signed with Jive records and re-released "Mystikal" with 5 new songs as "Mind Of Mystikal". This album sold less than 400,000 copies and Mystikal was stuck. Jive wouldnt let him make his album the way he wanted. Then along came Master P. Mystikal found out that P had been watching his career since Parkway Pumpin. Master P wanted Mystikal on his label because he loved his style and his lyrics. P finally struck a deal with Jive records and obtained Mystikal. Mystikal released his first No Limit Release "Unpredictable" about one year after he signed with them. This album went triple platinum. He then appeared on the multi-platinum single "Make Em Say Uhh" Ever since he signed, Mystikal has appeared on EVERY No Limit release.

Mind of Mystikal finally reaches gold status on Dec. 16, 1998. Ghetto Fabulous was released on Dec. 15 and is another high-quality peice of work from the great one.

Most info found at 'The Man Right Chea!' website

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