Just like every other mint tablet out there, such as Penguin and Starbucks brands with the exception of looking like a nipple instead of a cyanide capsule.

According to their packaging:
Certain foods and beverages contain acids that may damage tooth enamel. Consuming coffee, soft drinks, juices, tomatoes, and many other foods high in acid content, then followed by a sugar based breath mint, over time can result in tooth decay problems.
MYNTZ!® are sugar free and acid neutralizing to help maintain good oral hygiene.

Plus they're shaped like nipples

While Myntz do not contain caffeine or sugar, they leave the taster with minty fresh breath and a cool, crisp feeling in their mouths and sinuses. Pretty good for a treat that is shaped like a nipple. Everyone around here calls them nipple mints for some reason.

The company that produces these, Myntz! Brands, must have became aware of the nipple-like quality of their mint. Sadly, I'm only able to locate a de-nautified variation, called Myntz! Instastripz. They appear to be flexible rectangular little strips of starch, glycerin, wax, and peppermint oil which come 24 to a 1x2-inch plastic box. They have the wonderful trait of instantly dissolving in your mouth and leaving it minty fresh.

It should also be noted (or perhaps not) that they have an interesting effect on other parts of the body as well. I don't know if it's healthy, but she seemed to like it. Yet, I'm not a doctor so beware unforeseen health risks.

I purchased these at my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart in the oral hygiene section. If you need more information their web-site is www.myntz.com.

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