Today! 96 " December 16 at 3:56pm I think you're a really nice person and everything... But. You know. I think we're moving on too quickly and that's just, not right to me. I' up with you. I'm sorry :( I know it hurts you a lot. But. I'll pay you back for the candy canes and a dollar extra for the Jolly Ranchers. Hope we can still be friends. ♥ " - Joanne

My unsent reply...

Joanne, i don't want your money, i don't want to break up, all i want is your love and acceptance. Yeah i do realize i was being pushy, and maybe not giving you enough space... i don't know, and i'll let it stand as is. The past couple of days were great, and i really enjoyed our time together, but i think 4 days would be not enough time together (really it was 2 but who cares it's over anyways!)  

i love you and i'm not ready to let you go yet, don't worry i'm not going to become the crazy stalker guy that... well you know the rest but haha i will miss our time together.

i'll probably flip a coin to see if i should send this to you.... i hope i'm not making the wrong decision

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