Our hearts flutter together in sleep
And the afterglow of good drugs...
In the gritty light of morning,
Your eyes (blue and ravenous) scour mine,
Picking clean the depths of my thoughts;
Lazily, I tousle your hair
...That golden mop of gorgeous curls...
Thinking how wonderful you are,
How well you fit against me.
And then--
(moment ruined like a scratched record)
"Don't you go fallin' in love with me, darlin',"
You whisper, your hand pressed warm on my hip,
Pulling our bodies within pulsating proximity.
Longing sadness fills my eyes; you can sense it, I know,
But you're a drifter, and it's true--
My heart can't fall to pieces anymore
"Besides," You kiss my lips oh-so-gentle,
"You're too beautiful for a poor travellin' fool like me
...And I've got to leave before those big brown eyes of yours tame me"

Yeah, stomp a little harder on it, why don't you?

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