Today started like any other day. I woke up, I cried a little bit. Mum took me into bed with her and Papa, and I had my first feed for the day. Then we all played a bit. My favourite. Then I had egg for breakfast and all was good.

While Papa shaved, Mum talked to me. She said we were going to see Helen. She said that Helen was not feeling very well and that she laughed a lot. Why would someone laugh if they didn’t feel very well?

Not to worry. Mum said that nothing was more important than my happiness and safety, and Papa would take care of those. He’s good at that.

We all got into the car. I like it when Papa comes too. It was a pretty long drive, so I had a sleep. That was a good idea.

When I woke up - Papa was getting me out of the car. I didn’t recognize it, but we were at the hospital. Apparently, my great, great aunt was in there. The hospital wasn’t too bad. I got a milkshake, and I didn’t mind sharing it with Mum and Papa.

We walked down some corridors. Mum had a funny energy about her. The place had an unfun air about it. Oh well, it had milkshakes. I like milkshakes. Slurp, slurp.

We came to some big doors, with big windows. Normally, when Mum wants to go through a door, she just does. But she went to the door. Looked in. Looked over at me and Papa. She smiled at me, but it wasn’t the usual smile. She looked through the doors again, and then into the room next to the doors she wouldn’t open.

She came over to me and Papa. And Papa said that Helen was in there. Mum said she knew, but that she wanted to tell a nurse that I was going in.

Then a nurse was there. That was eerie. Mum smiled and said we were here to see Helen. She was very strange... but nothing as strange as Helen.

I didn’t notice when Papa gently gave her my hand. She took it. She kept on laughing. It was amazing. Sometimes, she sounded like she was in pain. And still she kept on laughing. Sometimes, she sounded like she wanted to speak. But still she kept on laughing. Mum was trying to laugh too, but that did not help me understand why Helen was laughing.

Then Mum opened some chocolates. I got the first one. Ohhh, it was good. Helen had a chocolate too. And so did Papa... and Mum. We shared something special at that moment.

Mum went to the other three people in the room, but they did not want to have a chocolate. I think they knew we were sharing something special.

So I was chewing my chocolate, and Helen was eating her chocolate. Mum offered my milkshake to Helen. I didn’t mind sharing my milkshake with Helen.

Papa put me on the ground while I kept chewing my chocolate. It’s hard to eat chocolate with no molars, you know.

I looked around. Pretty much everyone was staring at me. Helen was laughing. Mum was trying to talk to her. But Mum didn’t understand her very well. There was another woman who just stared at me. Her eyes were empty. But she seemed to have a small smile on her face. There was a man, who looked like any other old man. And his son was there. He smiled happily at me.

There were no toys in their room. Why would they have no toys?

There was a television on. I don’t like television very much. The television was on the ceiling. I couldn’t push the buttons on it. I would have turned it off if I could have. The room needed more toys. I didn’t bring any with me - but I wish I had.

I went and sat on Mum’s lap. That’s always a safe place.

Helen wanted to give me a kiss. So Mum leaned me forward, and then I understood it. Helen gave me a kiss on the cheek. I think she was laughing because she loved me.

Papa held Helen’s hand. Mum was holding her other hand, and I held her thumb. This was another special moment. Then we all had another chocolate. I got one with nuts. Hehehehe, that tricked Mum.

Then Mum said it was time to go. She took the milkshake from Helen, and she left Helen with three chocolates. We all kissed Helen goodbye.

Mum knocked on the window. The first man ignored her knock and kept walking. I think he didn’t want to answer knocks from the room we were in. Mum knocked again. She looked into the room next to us. But the nurse was busy. Mum knocked again.

She seemed much more calm when somebody came to the door to open it. It’s not normal that Mum can’t open a door. Oh well. Papa started to wave to Helen. I knew he wanted me to wave, but so much had happened.

When we were walking away, down the corridor I waved. Mum smiled at me, and said it was a good wave, but a little bit late.

In the car, Mum said I was a “good baby today”. She always says that. But you know, I think I did something good today.

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