My first songs were a collaboration between me and my twin sister -- you might know her as chanbara. We composed them in the car when we were about three years old. These songs were lyrical masterpieces such as:

Kids in the dark, kids in the dark
Mommy's a lark, Daddy's a shark

The other one I remember singing from that time period was a tribute to our pediatrician, Dr. Muniak:

Dr. Muni, don't go away!
I've got to get my heartbeat and my drill
And my streetlight (spoken:streetlight?!)

Repeat as needed, substituting the first thing you see out the window for "streetlight."

By the fourth grade, I had progressed to a more mature style of writing: bathroom humor.

sung to the tune of "The Time of My Life":
Now I've had the fart of my life
No, I've never smelled this way before
Yes I swear, it's the truth
And I blow it all towards you

Of course I wrote all the requisite love poetry required of me in junior high and high school, which was about one of three things: Boys, God, or Canada. However, due to constraints of good taste, I won't reproduce any of that here.

Finally I discovered music theory, took some voice lessons, learned how to play piano well enough to write melodies and chord structures, and haven't written much that's as original or creative as the songs I wrote sitting in my carseat on the ride back from Amarillo in 1981.

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