Released in 1985, its original Chinese title was Fuk Sing Go Jiu.

After watching this movie, I feel like I was the victim of a bait-and-switch job. The cover (at least for the American DVD) features Jackie Chan in a fighting stance and has his name emblazoned across the top. Imagine my disappointment when most of the movie focused on the wacky hijinks of (i.e., painfully bad attempts at comedy by) actors whom, save Eric Tsang, I'd never previously seen. Though Chan's character does appear at the beginning and later in the film, it's more like a cameo than a starring role.

The story goes something like this. A cop, Muscles (Chan) and his partner Ricky are working the case of a Japanese criminal. In Japan, Ricky is taken for ransom. The crook is protected by ninja. Sounds hard to mess up, right? Somehow they managed; it's a real watch-checker.

Muscles can't do it himself, so he says he needs help from his aforetime buddies from the old orphanage. The first is released from jail, and he rounds up all the others, who are all career criminals. Most of the characters are forgettable, other than Tank (Tsang), the obligatory idiot of the bunch.

When the police officer explains why they've been called upon, the fivesome is angry. Muscles sold them out in the past when he became a cop, they don't like cops, blah blah. The policeman anticipated this, and falsely implicated them in a big heist so as to blackmail them.

The men suddenly become eager to work when they learn their partner is a beautiful woman whose codename is Baby. The movie wastes tons of time of the "love" hexagon as all five men try to curry favor with her, or find excuses to feel her up. This never goes anywhere.

The comedy scenes are drawn-out, and mostly sight gags. For example, in one long scene, the men dress up as "robbers" in masks and take turns being in the woman's room when the robbers tie them up, and she catches on around the last guy. While somewhat humorous, that it was dragged out so long ruined it. This sort of experience typifies the movie.

At any rate, the men are kidnapped and one is allowed out (the rest were lured with whores), so he goes and gets Muscles, and they free everyone, and in a dizzying tail-end of the movie everything's resolved (I won't tell you how, but you can probably guess) with fighting. Muscles and his old pals make amends.

The biggest problem with this movie, I think, was that while it was pretty bad, it wasn't quite so bad it's funny. Just kind of boring. Try Rumble in the Bronx instead.

Addition: RoguePoet says: "One thing that you don't mention in the w/u, and might explain things somewhat, is that My Lucky Stars was actually a sequel to a previous movie, Winners and Sinners, which was one of those inexplicably popular movies that was never all that good to begin with. It spawned a whole series of kung-fu comedies with roughly the same cast, but like a lot of HK spin-off films, they suffered from really bad sequelitis." Never heard of it, but I'll buy it.

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