Today I laid to rest a dear friend, long time companion, and fellow explorer, me dearest 500 peso hammock.
It all started back on one of those wild steamy nights in Cancun, Mexico. I was 8, she was younger, but it was love at first sight...

or that's how I like to remember it. It actually stood useless in the attic for about 5 years until one day I "hit the road" and travelled off, and our relationship was truly born. Almost.

The hammock was basically a brightly painted fishing net, and had the durability of a used tissue, but it was the envy of my fellow fledgling scouters. I proudly pulled it out of my pack and prepared to set it up, a task which proved much more difficult then my young mind could comprehend.

Actually tying a knot? Impossible!! Let alone expect such a frail provision to support my full 86 pounds of weight!

So the hammock again was laid to sleep in the dreaded attic, until several months ago, on a trip to New Mexico, I pulled the old thing out, still ratty and tangled as ever.

Much wiser now, I boldly tied it up, and, again the ency of all, slept soundly upon its gently rocking motion... until at four in the morning the (dead) tree I had attached it too came crashing down, coming within inches of my, "very personal space". The hammock was shredded as well. Ever the innovator, I whipped out my trusty dental floss and repaired it to the best of my meager ability. All was well.

Upon my triumphant return home, the hammock and I were greated by my canine companion, and the hammock soon left to join the great discount Mexican store in the sky. Ah, shit, what memories I've got of the little time we spent together, and to think it only cost 500 pesos...

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