Donna B. Haleem


My Five Favorite School Shooters: A Five Paragraph Essay

1. Intro. Columbine.

2. Thesis/Manifesto: “American Individualism at the dawn of the 21st century- and the individuation of the middle class contemporarily- reaches an apex: April 1999. The millennial turn inward, and these outward expressions, marks the most significant psychic transformation undertaken by the American citizenry in history.”

3. Body I. Seung-Hui Cho, Whites-Asians.

4. Body II. Adam Lanza, Sex-Children.

5. Conclusion. 2017: Bump Stock, Scope, Extended Magazine, Drum Magazine, ammonium nitrate, DDM4 (4), FN-15 (3), AR-15 (1), AR-10, (1). Distance-Wind-Trajectory.



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