There are two of them, conspiring and colluding every single moment of time. I put something up and wait. And wait. 

That's when I get notification that I've been downvoted again. Twice, in fact. Like clockwork.

I feel like squeezing the life out of them until their goddamn light go out. Permanently. Yeah, I know, the ones who run this place would be irate that I'd be threatening others, maybe even get rid of me altogether. 

But I just can't stand it anymore.

Every time I show up ready to post something, I get screwed on both ends. Sure, there are a lot of others that have no problems with whatever lines I can add to the overall traffic of Everything2, and I really appreciate their willingness to be respectful and allow me to post my shit.

I'm going to take out those two worthless scumbags in the next few weeks. Watch.

Those two are serial assholes. Interrupt requesting twice before I can get my stuff added. Yeah, IRQ 3 and 4, you jerks can only load a goddamn bit at a time. My IRQ is seven, so even though I have to wait after you two block whatever I have to say by pushing it down, I know I can write and load eight bits of data at a time. I'm capable of spewing information at up to two megs a second. You guys are defaulted at 9600 baud. No meg, no kilo, not even a fucking deca

You may try to hold me back, but I'm going to get to the top of the heap and add eight lines of data for every one you jerks can handle. Do your best to try and trigger non-maskable interrupts before the timer announces it's time for me to post. Do your best to downvote my access. For every bit you two guys add to the nodegel, I have you scumbags beat by a factor of four. 

When it comes to our mutual website home, I'll be the fastest poster on the server. Do your best, and if I can ever convince the printer to shove a paperclip into your asses and short out your ports, nobody will notice. They've moved on to USB, you ancient serial losers. A puff of magic smoke and you'll never try your serial downvoting NMI request trick again.

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