This writeup is an adaption of a game on the Brunching Shuttlecocks web site. Their version works using an HTML form: you choose your answers, then click a button to see how many you got right. Since that is not an option here, I have simply posted the answers at the bottom of the writeup (I have of course written original text).

This is an extremely simple game. Below is a list of names. All you have to do is decide which names belong to one of the 80's toys known as My Little Ponies, and which names belong to real-life, hardworking porn stars.

The names :

  1. Sweetie Pie
  2. Heart Throb
  3. Misty Rain
  4. Lucky Star
  5. Ruby Lips
  6. Cherry Treats
  7. Honey Rose
  8. Daisy Sweet
  9. Sunshine Blue
  10. Love Melody
  11. Chocolate Delight
  12. Green Eyes

Answers below

Answers :

Sweetie Pie
Appears in "Breastman's American Butt Search". Not a Pony.

Heart Throb
This one's a "So-Soft" Pegasus Pony. Not a porn star.

Misty Rain
Well, there is a pony connection: she starred in "Tracey at the Sex Derby", as well as "Strap-On Sally", "Foot Fetish Fantasies #2", "The XXX Files".

Lucky Star
Porn star. Star of "Pure Milk #2". I'm guessing it's not as wholesome as it sounds.

Ruby Lips
Starred with her sister in ... no, wait, this one's actually a My Little Pony!

Cherry Treats
This was a "Sweetberry Pony". Apparently it smelled like cherries.

Honey Rose
Honey appeared in "Lethal Squirt". Nice.

Daisy Sweet
Easy... or misleading? Nope, plain easy. This was another Little Pony with a scent. This time, it was perfume.

Sunshine Blue
Another easy one. This sweet Little Pony starred in... "Fresh Flesh"?? Nope, this one's a porn star.

Love Melody
This is a tricky one. She's actually one of the "Twice as Fancy" Ponies, though it's hard to think of a more stereotypically porn-star-sounding name.

Chocolate Delight
Chocolate Delight does it with a straw, baby, because Chocolate Delight... is a "Soda-Sippin' Pony", apparently. Ok, so this is a more porn-star-sounding name than Love Melody.

Green Eyes
Another tricky one. This was actually a porn star who featured in "Hispanic Heatwave". Sounds so innocent, doesn't she?

High score?
If you did better than 9 out of 12, I'm guessing you're probably either a porn-lover who actually reads the credits (I'm impressed!) or a My Little Pony collector (you sicko)

Adapted from the excellent Brunching Shuttlecocks 'Toys' page at

Update, March 17 2002

Anark kindly pointed out the My Pretty Pony writeup to me, which shows that at least some of the toys mentioned here are not actually My Little Ponies at all, but a strikingly similar product made by Hasbro. I briefly considered adding a "My Little Pony, My Pretty Pony, or Porn Star?" section to the quiz, but quickly rejected the idea on the assumption that if it truly matters to you whether or not the toys were My Little Pony or My Pretty Pony, you're probably fairly serious about miniature plastic ponies, and you're not going to find this quiz at all amusing anyway.

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