This is a song by Ween, from the album The Mollusk.

My favorite on the album, this song's chorus is a creepy-sounding "rap," spoken the first time through and sung in a high monotone the second time. It's dreamy and cloudy and sounds oceaney, and it foams your brain. Speaking of brains, here is the introductory stanza:

I lick my brain in silence
rather squeeze my head instead
midget man provoking violence
listen not to what I said

Lick my brain, indeed! The chorus rap is also lovely:

Mutilated lips give a kiss on the wrist
of the worm-like tips of tentacles expanding in my mind,
I'm fine, accepting only fresh brine
you can get another drop of this, yeah you wish . . .

This is one of those complex-worded choruses that you nevertheless pick up by the end of the song, ending up with it stuck in your mind for hours on end. The song simply has to be heard to get even a glimpse of its fantastic-osity, this writeup cannot do it justice.

This song is © 1997 by Ween, Elektra records.

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