[Ed note: Formerly fairtunes.com]

A brand-new website which allows people to send micropayments to their favorite musicians, assumingly in compensation for MP3s they've downloaded.

In my own personal opinion, it is the answer to appreciating musicians, yet abhorring record companies. Of course musicians deserve money for their hard work. But do record companies deserve money for leeching off the musician, impeding the spread of their music by so viciously fighting any sort of online distribution scheme, and generally screwing them in every way (if you don't believe me, the most convincing article I've seen on the subject, besides perhaps Courtney Love's speech, is "The Problem with Music," by Steve Albini http://www.arancidamoeba.com/mrr/problemwithmusic.html ... it ends with the warning "Some of your friends are probably already this fucked")?

Widespread use of fairtunes.com would help show the world that digital distribution without resorting to encryption schemes CAN work. It's a statement to the musicians, to the record companies, to the world...

Note: I am in no way affiliated with fairtunes. I just happen to think it's a good idea and hope it takes off, as a music lover.

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