A golden retriever that accompanies many QVC presenters, especially on "The QVC Morning Show." His registered AKC name is "Kalm Sea's Here Comes Trouble." He is a registered working animal with the American Humane Association, and his schedule must be approved by an AHA representative. He enjoys playing ball, taking naps by the fire, and greeting visitors to the QVC Studio Park tour.

Source: iQVC Home Page, http://www.qvc.com

Don't use QDog, use gtk_dog instead!

There are many technical reasons why you should use the GTK library and not Qt, but those are not the main reasons. The most important reason is the crucial licensing question: While GTK is GPLed, Qt comes only under a so-called Open Source license, but is not truly Free Software.

Even though they have changed the license, we at Support Free Software can still remember old licensing wars. We were never a part of any of them, but that doesn't mean we don't wish one of the sides would vanish from view. That is to say, we wish Toltec the best of luck, just less of it than is customary.

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