The mud pit is a multipurpose turnout found west of Davis on Russel Avenue. It serves many purposes such as:

place to go when drunk

place to go to make out

place to go to watch lightning over the Sierras

place to go when its too hot to be inside

place to look at the stars

place to yell really loud because no one can hear you

place to do donuts

place to do donuts in the mud after storms

place to get your car stuck if you're dumb

place to cry

place to tell ghost stories. We could swear the place is haunted... or at least alive in a way we can't see... only feel

i believe it also serves for loading agricultural products a few times a year is it is near a farmer's field. It is also near an irrigation ditch full of frogs and a few small shrubs. Other than that the view to the horizon is largely unobstructed.

to find the Mud Pit drive west on Russel Bvd out of davis for about 10 miles. Its on the outside of a big curve a few miles east of Winters, before the road merges with Covell.

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