Now just for clerification I feel i should explain some.
Mud Hawging is the act of running a 4x4 truck through very deep mud holes proving to yourself that your off road driving skills are adequate. They are also to prove to everyone else on the trail, that your truck is tough. Yes it does indeed seem like the sport of small minded men, but there really is alot of thinking involved, especially when on the rock trails, such as MOAB.

That being said let me move on.

Ahhh.. Mud Hawging.. be there any greater, more enjoyable sport in the world? The head-on collision between human and machine, that results in a 4x4 ballet of mud slingin', engine smoke, and really nasty blue jeans that can NEVER be clean again. I think if something better does exist, I've not encountered it. To me there's nothin' like a romp through the myre in your best truck, to appease the stress gods. I like to head out on the weekend with my lady and lay waste to the rural roads, and a good two day excursion on the trail is our definition of heaven. You see it's not just for men, my lady loves it too, and I've met and been rejected by many a 4x-gal on the trail. Well, this is simply something i felt needed to be said, and now that I've had my say, I shall retire to a few more hours of work before I head home to prepare for the weekly off road trip.


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