Third issue in Robert Crumb's Mr. Natural comics. Published by Krupp Comic Works. First printing 1977, second printing 1978. Original price $1.

In the cover Mr. Natural is standing naked in the beach, saying "Stick with me, folks! I got all the answers! Hup ho! Yeah." And beside him is sitting a cute teddy bear, who goes, "My hero!".

Inside stories are as follows:

  • Billy Bob seeks an audience with Mr. Natural
  • Mr. Natural meets the Devil and remembers the forgotten "secret of life"
  • Mr. Natural tries to start a commune and gets commited to a mental institution
  • Flankey Foot gets interviewed by the Village Voice
  • Professor Wanowsky gets interviewed by the Village Voice

    Note. The stories were not labeled originally, but were sort of one page weekly strips, (sometimes loosely) connected to each other. Hence I have named the "stories" myself. If you would happen to know any real titles to these stories, please let me know.

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