This one's really good. It's probably Mozart's best symphony, though the best-known now is 40 because of the cell phones. It's in C major. It's known as the Jupiter because of its preeminence. It has four movements like all but the Prague. But the middle two aren't god-awful boring like they are in a lot of classical-period symphonies. In fact they're pretty intense. Mozart died right after this one.

The guy finished this one, 40, and 39 in a span of three weeks. He was broke: it's thought that his Viennese audience was getting sick of all his new profound music that required thought. So he was writing these for patronage and they're even more substantial.

Anyway, 41 is most famous for the contrapuntal last movement which is one of the very best musical things of all time in my opinion. Certainly one of the best classical-period movements. It sounds like 6 lines are playing different melodies simultaneously but all harmoniously. The first movement is good too.

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