A very cool contraption that removes the aggravation of dealing with mouse cables. The mouse bungee operates as sort of a cord tether, but allows free range motion of the mouse.

I've been using one for about two weeks, and I can't tell you how much I enjoy it. My desk feels less cluttered and there's no more pulling the mouse cable for length or moving it out of the way etc. My mother purchased a "Mouse Clip" which tries to do the same thing, but pretty much fails miserably and just gets in the way.

The unit itself looks a bit like a wedge with a groove in it. The base consists of a plastic triangular surface with a 1/4 lb steel ball holding it down. Then there's a plastic angle which attaches to two "Tuned Parallel Spring Suspension Guides". One simply takes the mouse cord, guides it up the suspension springs and locks it into place into the provided groove. Once this is done, and a comfortable length of cord provided, the Mouse Bungee is placed a distance away from one's mousing surface such that the suspension springs move left and right easily without the base moving or the cable pulling.

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