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Mountain Safety Research (MSR) designs, manufactures and markets innovative adventure gear for outdoor enthusiasts. The ever-growing MSR product line is most popular with mountaineers, backpackers and campers. MSR is the industry leader in reliability and quality with every product it focuses on -- tents, stoves, water filters, snowshoes, cookware, climbing gear, fuel and related accessories. All set the benchmark in performance throughout the specialty outdoor industry. MSR is also one of the most widely distributed brands in the outdoor industry. We provide products to more than 1,200 specialty retailers in North America and export to more than 30 countries.

The make the best camp stoves I have ever come across, and their tents are amazing. Light and strong, with pockets like you wouldn't believe. The also make dehydrated foods, which, although I've never tasted, sound really good. They even make vegan meals. The cookwear the make (pots, pans, etc) is nice, but over priced. It' prolly better to pick up a pot at a garage sale, and if you wanna go more hi-tech than that, shop around, it's all the same. Their water filters and water packs, are fine, but nothing special. I' m not a big fan of water filters anyway, I like Polar Pure. They make a few other things (poles, snow shoes, etc) but nothing noteworthy.

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