A mountain in Northern India primarily associated with Saivite religious customs. Siva is said to dwell here in yogic trance states.

Due to the confluence of Tantric influences in both Hinduism and Indian Buddhism before its extinction during the Muslim invasions of India, there is some occurence of Mount Kailas (the "s" is aspirated and so is sometimes shown as "sh" in non-diacritical transliteration) in a few traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.

However, in this case, Siva is considered to be Rudra, the representation of self which is slain by Cakrasamvara.

(Hinduism and Buddhism)

The peak in the Himlayas, which is said to be the abode of Lord Sankara. It is situated in modern-day Tibet and is held sacred by Hinduism, Buddhism and Bön, the shamanistic religion prevailing in Tibet before the advent of Buddhism there.

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