Mothula is a boss in the Legend of Zelda series of games, who first appears in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past as the boss of the third Dungeon, Skull Woods. Mothula, as the name suggests, is a...moth. A big, gigantic moth, who, like everything else in the game, is trying to kill you. Mothula itself (themself?) is not particularly dangerous, despite shooting laser beams (like everything else in the game). The real trick of Mothula is its (their?) arena, which has spiky traps on each side, that constantly fling themselves back and forth, skewering Link while he tries to hit Mothula, who flutters about. Oh, and also, the floor is conveyor belts, all going in different directions, that throw Link side to side, into both the moth, its (their?) laser beams, and the randomly moving spiky traps. It is quite a fight, and also not-coincidentally, was a way to show the SNES' high sprite limit. Although it didn't build quite the cosmopsychic drama as the story of the thief Blind, it did demonstrate how so many thinks in the Zelda series were moving from static and tile-based to being dynamic and story-based.

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