Mother, gan ye hame. Gan ye hame to the banks of the Wishkah, where wishes thy wife and daugther for thy safety, there they stand upon the mudded banks of the Wishkah and look, floating above their heads in a nimbus of light, the only light around upon this gray day, you can see their wishes. Look there, thy wife she holds in her arms the jar with the wishing star. And here you are on the hills above the other side of the Wishkah, not bothering to move. Gan ye Hame, mother.

Gan ye Hame, mother. The cholocate croquet we should have left for another day. Ye knew it would storm as you always know. Why did you let the game go on so long? Do ye even want te gang hame or is this thy world now, this hilltop with the chocolate croquet? Ye knew this storm was coming. Did ye no believe the wind would be fierce? Did ye believe it would be a sweet bonny storm? Gan ye hame, mother, thy wife and daughter need thee.

Gan ye hame, mother. Thy master is rotting there upon the chair he calls his throne. His proclamantions mean nothing. None hears them but thee and me. There's none but us three. All else have fled the burning of the town. Don't look at him, look at me! Now look at thine wife and daughter. Noe back to me. It's  just us two. Thy master is gone though his body remains. He is nothing now. His command to remain here means nothing now if none will follow him. You are the last to follow him. Why do you stay here? Out of pity? Mother, gan ye hame.

Gan ye hame, mother. It's a fey wind that blows now, and who knows what blows upon that wind. And ye've stayed too late. Only the light of thy wife's wishes will guide ye safely through the storm now. Gan ye hame. Don't whistle at me and don't moan, just be off hame.  

ye told me years ago that ye were the only one who knew where to take shelter in a Fey Wind. Lead thy wife and daughter to that shelter now. Why do ye hesistate? There be thy wife and daughter, down the hill and across the river.

Why do ye cling to the old master? Look, I could touch him and he wouldn't even notice -- 

my god, he's literally a pile of bones. Mother, mother, who have ye been following? What have you been doing? Oh, don't give me that crap about being unworthy. We'll talk about this later. Gan ye hame and save thine wife and daughter. They don't deserve to be punished for thy crime.

Gan he hame, mother. There's nothing for ye left up here.



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