One of the Medieval kingdoms of Wales.

Covering roughly the area of modern Glamorgan in south-east Wales, it was bordered by Ystrad Tywi to the east, Brycheiniog to the north and Gwent to the west.

Kings of Morgannwg

ruled by Gruffudd ap Llywelyn of Gwynedd and Deheubarth 1055-1063


Originally called Glywyssing, the kingdom was renamed Morgannwg, the land of Morgan, after after Morgan Hen ab Owain, who became king in around 950 AD.

Often shared rulers with Gwent over long periods, with which its history is therefore closely linked. Although subjected to pressures from both the kings of Dyfed and later Deheubarth as well as Gwynedd always managed to maintain its independence.

The last king of Morgannwg was defeated and driven out by the Normans in 1091, who renamed it as Glamorgan

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