This attitude displays that its utterer has concern mostly for the bodily.

That no matter his actual feelings for the individuals involved, he still places importance on the cosmetic.

I place my mouth on her nipple, my tongue at her cleavage, my hands in her deep moist places, with reverence.

She has allowed me this closeness, this sharing. This is beyond all other things. Does it sag? Does it quiver? This is no matter, for it is her. I communicate, by touch, with her soul, pleasure being the language I use, beyond the arms of mine which hold her...

Why would I stain that, corrupt our intimacy, with cosmetic worries? Who am I to critique that which she is? I glory in her individuality, and the uniqueness of that which we share, the joining we have that nobody else will ever have...because it is she and I.

Not bodies. Not parts. Not sizes. Us.

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